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“Words like “exotic” as applied to women with non-white skin have weight and power because they are reminders that non-white women are being held against the white beauty standard and being found different (and therefore wanting).”

source: Fairy tales for privileged kids: “the anti-white racist”Days Like crazy Pavement

Or different as in a nice adventure from normal/reality from which the man will eventually return ‘home’ from.
I hate the word “Exotic” as a compliment from men. HATE IT.

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It might not hurt now but it’s gonna hurt soon.

Submarine, 2010


I just want a cute girlfriend who will sit on my lap at parties and on my face in the bedroom.

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“You don’t miss me.
I should remember that.
I should fucking remember that.”

a.s., baby, what did i do // mossyribs (via hefuckin)

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do you ever realise just how lonely you actually are 

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You’re my neon, my genesis… my evangelion….

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“I’m not afraid to fall in love, I’m just afraid of hitting the ground when its over.”

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the people who are
thousand of miles away
from you, can make you
feel better than people
right beside you.”

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do u ever lie on ur side and a small tear leaks out and ur just like whoa wtf body I know I’m sad but not that sad

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